Banana Chips

Banana chips – made by deep-frying or drying pieces of ripe bananas – lead to a convenient munch. Like whole bananas, banana chips contain many essential nutrients that nourish your body and benefit your health. However, you should consume banana chips less often, because they also have some health disadvantages.

Net Weight: 250g

Ingredients: banana


Health  benefit  of Banana Chips


One of the major benefits associated with consuming banana snacks is their fiber content. A 4-ounce serving includes 8. 7 grams of fiber content – about a third of the daily suggested fiber intake for women or 23 percent of the daily recommended fibers intake for guys, in line with the Linus Pauling Institute. Fiber stops constipation, lowers your bloodstream cholesterol and controls your blood sugar levels. Eating a diet rich in fiber will also help prevent disease, including heart problems and some types of cancer.

Flat iron

Banana chips also provide as a source of iron, an essential nutrient that benefits your health. Iron helps form hemoglobin and myoglobin, two aminoacids that provide your tissue with a fresh source of oxygen. Iron also activates enzymes needed to support your metabolism, which means that your cells can carry away the reactions needed to produce energy. A 4-ounce serving of banana snacks contains 1. 4 mg of iron. This symbolizes approximately 18 percent of the daily iron necessity for men or almost 8 percent for women, in line with the Linus Pauling Institute.


Banana chips – like whole bananas – improve your the consumption of potassium. A 4-ounce offering of banana chips provides 607 milligrams of potassium, or 13 percent of your recommended daily absorption, in line with the NYU Langone Clinic. Potassium, along with other minerals, such as salt, controls your blood pressure levels. It also helps your nerves communicate, helps with muscle contraction and maintains your body’s liquid balance. Consuming banana potato chips helps to stop the vomiting, fatigue and constipation that can develop due to potassium deficiency.

Considerations and Serving Tips

While clown chips offer some dietary benefits, they also have some significant nutritional disadvantages. Banana chips prepared by deep-frying can contain large amounts of fat, and several banana chips may contain added sugar as a flavor enhancer. Check the nutrition label on your banana chips to determine their fat and sugars content, and opt for varieties of banana poker chips made without added body fat or sugar. Incorporate clown chips into a number of meals. Add a few banano chips to your oatmeal to impart rich banano flavor, or use sliced banana chips as lovely salad toppers. Make your own trail mix by combining banana chips with dried fruit and merged nuts for a treat abundant in protein and fibers, or make your own homemade “banana bread” muesli by toasting banana poker chips with oatmeal and cut walnuts

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