Chinese Doughnuts Mix Powder

Ingredients: Wheat flour, rice starch, baking powder, salt

Net weight: 400g


1. Add 250ml water into 400gr baking powder and knead and form the dough into a soft ball (leaving a bit dough rolled) next use plastic wrap to cover the dough about 10 minutes; knead the dough one more time, then gently stretch the dough lengthwise, later use plastic wrap to cover the dough about 3 hours (keep the dough covered as long as possible so that it tastes more delicious)

2.  Place the dough for rolling, flour a tray surface and roll dough to about 0.5 cm thick. Cut the dough into strips roughly 10 cm long and 3cm wide; use the wet toothpick to seal a long line in the center of dough, then pair and place two pieces on top of each other,press down vertically with the sharp edge of the knife.

3. Heat up the oil until it starts to smoke, then reduce the heat so that the oil does not smoke (the doughnut will be puffed well). Then, use two hands to stretch the dough to the length of 15 – 17 cm, place the dough strips into oil pan, and use the chopstick to turn until the dough turn golden and puffed. Remove from pan and drain on layers of paper toweling. Serve them hot and serve with porridge.

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