Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea acts as a natural coolant and has been mentioned in the ancient Chinese medicinal research. A person will advantage a lot by having Chrysanthemum tea every day.

chrysanthemum tea


  • Chrysanthemum sinense Sabine 50%
  • Cynare Scolymus L
  • Stevia rebaudiana
  • Ganodema Lucidum

Net Weight:

  • 50g (1.75 OZ) ; 2gx 25 bag

The Chinese medicinal practice included the use of herbs as a major section of the treatment. The Chinese language knew that a comforting cup on this warm gold brown tea can do magic. Let’s take a closer look its dietary benefits and 10 main health benefits associated with Chrysanthemum tea.

10 health benefits associated with Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea is not very famous between herb enthusiasts as not many people know about the existence and benefits. Go through on for more information about the benefits:

#1. Chrysanthemum tea has Nutritional C in which helps ease heaviness in the head during cold and provide relief in sinus infection discomfort. This herbal tea also offers antiviral properties and helps relieve congestion in the head which might be induced by viral infection. The heaviness in the top could also be caused anticipated to bacterial pathogenic response. Chrysanthemum tea is anti – spirochetal in nature thus it is absolutely helpful in easing head congestion.

#2. Chrysanthemum tea is obviously caffeine free, hence, it is free from all the side effects of caffeine like anxiety, pressure, irritation, nervousness and misunderstandings.

#3. Chrysanthemum tea is a natural coolant and helps in lowering the temperature of the body when suffering from fever or even heat cerebrovascular accident. This tea is also helpful in treating acne and acne. Additionally, it may treat discomfort of high temp such as headache, small toothache and throbbing nervousness in the gums.

#4. Chrysanthemum tea is good for the detoxification of the liver and for lowering cholesterol levels.

#5. This tea helps in the treating coronary artery disease, blocked arteries and even varicose veins.

#6. Chrysanthemum tea has stimulating property and helps in notifying the senses and reviving the brain. It induces your senses very quickly and also calms down the nerves.

#7. That helps in easing giddiness.

#8. Drinking Chrysanthemum tea helps in providing alleviation in sore throat, inflammation in the eyes, irritation in the eyes, dry skin in the eyes and dark sport in the eye area.

#9. This makes the lungs strong helping in providing comfort in respiratory problems such as a suffocating feeling.

#10. Chrysanthemum tea when taken with lunch or dinner specifically with oily foods helps ease digestion.

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