Dried Corn Kernel

White corn is a member of the grass family Gramineae. Corn, known historically as maize outside of the English language, is technically classified as a grain crop, though when harvested young, it is utilized as a vegetable.

Its stalks produce a cob of seeds, which are better known as the kernels, though by botanical definition they are the individual fruits of the plant. Corn varieties are classified essentially by their purpose. The amount of starch in any given corn variety will determine if it is used for sweet corn, feedstock corn, popping corn, flour corn or biofuel corn, among other designations.

Dried Corn Kernel

White Corn is dried whole-kernel corn, creamy white in color, and with a chewy, soft texture when cooked.

  • Toasty, earthy-sweet flavor
  • Kernels are 1/4 inch in width and length
  • Can be cooked whole or ground to make white cornmeal
  • Naturally gluten free

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