Dumplings Flour

INGREDIENT: Wheat flour, tapioca starch, Instant yeast, baking powder.

Net weight: 400g


1. Dissolve 01 pack of instant yeast and 100grams of sugar in 200ml of fresh milk ( or water ). Stir the mixture. (Remember to keep 02 spoons to make coating flour). knead the flour in 10 minutes. Put 01 spoon of cooking oil into the mixture and knead it in another 10 minutes.
2. Keep the dought in 60 minutes.
3. Roll the flour and stretch it into the shape of a sausuge. Cut it into 8 pieces. Press and make each piece of flour become thin. Put the stuff in and form it into the shape of a dumpling. (Use the coating flour in other to prevent your hand from being sticky). Put each dumpling on a piece of thin paper.
4. Steam the dumplings. Pour water into the steamer and boil it. (Pour 2 spoons of vinegar into the water to keep the dumplings white). Steam the dumplings in 10 minutes. Take out the steamer’s cover, dry the water on it. Close the streamer’s cover.  Steam the dumplings in 10 minutes. Then the dumplings are ready to serve.

A RECIPE FOR STUFFING OF DUMPLING: Boil 2 chicken eggs well, cut them into 8 pieces and cut sausage into 8 pieces (put separately). Chop up  2-3 small onions and jicama 300g to dry water extractor. Mix 250g ground pork and onion, sugar, sodium glutamate, pepper, salt, cooking-oil. Cut 8 thin paper pieces to line the dumpling.

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