Flour For The Small Pancakes

Ingredients : Rice flour, corn flour, turmeric.

Net weight: 400g


Mix the flour with 750 ml of water (or coconut milk), then put into the mixture a small package of the saffron flour and onions at small pieces and stir this mixture.

Put the mould on the oven to heat it, rub grease on each mould, then fill each mould with a small quantity of mixture and cover the whole with a lid for 5 minutes, when the small pancake becomes yellow, put at it a small shrimp or well-kneaded meat among their surface, after to be covered one more minute, small pancakes become rather dark, that’s it. Detach the small pancakes with a ladle and you can take them with fish sauce, the mixture remainder is taken to fill the moulds until all used.

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