Frozen Grated Coconut

Frozen Grated Coconut made from fresh coconut nut, the sweet and soft meat is scooped out of the coconut, grated, packaged and instantly frozen.

Frozen Grated Coconut


  • Coconut meat 100%

Net Weight:

  • 454g



Benefits associated with Coconut Meat

Fresh coconut meat is considered a great source of nourishment and is a superior quality food source. It’s been proven to help aid in digestive function and promote the progress of good bacteria in the intestines. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties also mean this fruit is great at fighting and stopping infections. Coconut various meats also has very high levels of zinc, flat iron, phosphorus, vitamins and fibers.

Coconut meat is available in 2 forms: creamy and gelatinous and hard and dried up. Young coconut meat is the creamy one and is best eaten fresh and straight from the husk because it corrupts quickly. This young coconut is in its most nutritious form, if you ever get to a tropical climate where coconut is abundant, don’t miss out on your possibility to take good thing about this wonderful fruit! Aged coconuts are still quite healthful. That they may have harder, dried out meat that includes a nutty flavor.

You can chill, demolish or perhaps snack about this form of coconut meat and top it on various foods. You can even choose an own coconut milk for delightful broth and curries. An added plus -coconut meat is less sugary than any other fruits, so it’s simply perfect for the complete family!

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