Gac or Balsam Apple

Gac (Momordica Cochinchinensis Spreng or Muricia Cochinchinensis Spreng) is an indigenous fruit of Vietnam, commonly used as a colorant in traditional dishes. Recent studies demonstrated that the fruit had a high carotenoid content, especially lycopene and Beta-carotene.

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  • Gac 100%

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Health Benefits of Gac

These types of carotenoids are presently in high demand as they are natural antioxidants to prevent and treat cancer. Listed below are few of the health great things about consuming gac fruit:

#1.  Combats cancer

GAC berry consist of several nutrition that are proven to prevent cancer and also slow up the propagation of cancerous cells. That is also recently found that the fruit contains a particular protein that helps to prevent the spreading of cancerous cells. Due to this specific reason GAC has earned the name “Heaven’s fruit”, as it has several methods of struggling with cancer.

#2. Fights anemia

Gac fruit involves abundance of iron as well as Vitamin C and folic acid, due to which it is quite good for combating Anemia. It is suggested to get the cause of anemia and with regards to the condition start consuming this fruits. Regular consumption of the fresh fruit is extremely beneficial for overcoming the problems.

#3. Helps reduced cholesterol levels

Gac fruit strongly recommended for those which may have higher hypercholesteria levels as well as to individuals who have a record of high cholesterol in their family. If used weekly, this fruit helps you to reduce the “unwanted” high cholesterol levels from your body.

#4. Prevents aerobic diseases

As mentioned before this fruit is high in antioxidants so that it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases. If this fruit is consumed and accompanied with an active lifestyle, your heart’s health is guaranteed. Cardiovascular diseases represent an increased problem for many; therefore this fruit plays an essential role in keeping your health.

#5. Increases eyesight

This fruit is quite beneficial for boosting eyesight. The vitamins, beta carotene, and other chemicals within this fruit helps in better one’s visual acuity as well as prevent cataracts and other visual acuity problems.

#6. Combats despression symptoms

Depression is a serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and trivial and often struggles to stay in a normal way. Many people around the world are enduring this problem nowadays. Gac fruit when consumed frequently assistance to overcome this problem since it is high in selenium, minerals, and vitamins, which are important to the nervous system, as well as aid to combat depression.

#7. Keeps youth and prevents ageing

Aside from the health benefits this fruit provides, it also inhibits the aging process and maintains one’s younger appearance. It slows throughout the aging process as it encourages cellular activity as well as reduces stress. The minerals and vitamin supplements this fruit contains aid to maintain the skin’s fresh appearance. It encourages restoring of the collagen subcutaneous structures, as well as prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

#8. Helps Combat Prostate Enlargement

Gac fruits heals benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate enlargement. As a result decrease the prostate and bettering urine flow. And the sweet pulp around the seeds have 75 times more lycopene than that found in tomato vegetables… great for healing prostatic disease. So consume Gac fruit regularly to combat prostate enlargement problems.

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