Ginger Candy

Ginger Candy or jam (Vietnamese: Mứt gừng) has warm, and hot and spicy taste so it is good for health. In an atmosphere of planting season, a spicy ginger quickly pull dish and a warm cup of tea is very a taste of classiness easy to find.

ginger-candy Ginger Candy has many kinds, most popular is dried turmeric and pliable ginger. Old people like the dried up ginger jam with hot and stimulated taste. Kids prefer pliable ginger quickly pull, not too sweet, but spicy only moderately warm enough body.


Ginger Candy helps to keep warm, easy to digest. Tet celebration with a rich menu of food, the dish of ginger jam is actually choice to not be missed by all households.
Delicious ginger jam to ensure a standard it is spicy but not poisonous. Ginger Candy maker is firmly from ginger choosing, it is not so old, haven’t much fiber, then stir sugar by hands stability so that the sugar layer is very thin on surface which also inside absorbed the sweetness warmly.

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