Hagou Flour

INGREDIENTS: Rice starch, Tapioca starch.
Net weight: 400g

Filling: Lean meat, shrimp, shallots, garlic finely chopped or grind, add sodium glutamate, salt and sugar – all are mixed together.

Cover : Add ½ litter of water to 400g the power and stir it finely. (Leave 3 table spoons of powder for uoter-covering) – cook it with dim fire and stir until the powder becom somewhat thick (some are well done).

– Add 2 spoons of cooking oil into the powder, rolling and stuffing it until become fine. Then piece it into small balls and put them on tray. (Remember to sprinkle dry-powder onto the tray in advance). Cover yhem with wet cloth to keep the balls free from fried.

– Sprinkle dry powder onto a chop before laminating the balls put the inner in, fold up, ad warp it. Wet the autoclave with cooking oil, boil water in the autoclave until it evaprates then put the cakes in and steam for 5 – 7 minutes, when the cakes are clear, they are well done and prepared to serve.

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