Pyramidal Rice Dumpling Flour

Ingredients: Rice flour, tapioca starch.

Net weight: 400g

HOW TO MAKE “Banh gio” CAKE: 

  1. Mix 400g of the pyramidal rice dumpling flour with 1.6 liter of water in a basin , and pour 02 spoons of cooking oil into this flour mixture. Then cook and stir the flour mixture until it becomes condensed.
  2. Dry the banana leaves, clean and tea them into 30-centimeter-wide pieces. Put 02 or 03 pieces of banana leaf into each other, the back side of the banana leaf must be faced inside. Then roll them into a pyramidal shape wiht the sharp point of about 3cm close. Put 3 spoons of the flour mixture into this pyramidal shape of the banana leaf, then 02 spoons of the fillings in the middle.Pack it and tie it closely with a string.
  3. Boil the water, put the pyramidal rice dumplings and steam them for 30 minutes until they are well cooked. They are served when being hot.


  • Cut 300g of the lean meat into very thin clices then mince them.
  • Soak 10g of the pezina + 1 spoon of chooped purple onions + 1/3 spoon of salt + 1 small spoon of pepper + 2 coffee spoons of delicious fish sauce. Divide the fillings into small portions.
  • Fry the fillings with 2-3 spoons of cooking oil until they are will cooked.
  • Boil and uncover the shells of quail eggs.

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