Radish Cake Flour

INGREDIENT:  Rice flour, Tapioca starch

Net weight: 400g


– Turnip cut in small fiber (500g); add 1 teaspoon (5g) of salt, shake well for the turnip to be soft, Leave for 5 minutes, then rinse in cold water and squeeze dry.

– Dried shrimp (50g) is soaked in water until it is soft, then rinse and dry.

– Meat (100g) is boiled and cut in small fiber.

– Peanut( 50g) is boiled and rinsed

1. Put garlic into the pan with oil, then put dried shrimp, meat, peanut and turnip to fry until they are soft.

2. Put the pack of turnip cake powder 400g and 700ml of water in a pot and stir well. Put it on a cooker and stir well until it is viscid, turn off the cooker. Then add the mixture of shrimp, meat, peanut, and turnip and stir well.

3. The water in the autoclave must be boiled, add a little of cooking oil to the mould, heat the mould, add the mixture, finely ground pepper (5g), and chopped celery. Steam for 30 minutes and the cake is cooked.

Now, the cake can be served when it is cool or deeply fried with chili sauce

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