Red Melon Seeds

Red Melon Seeds make from Watermelon fruit, they are made up of a variety of vitamin supplements and minerals, say magnesium (mg), potassium and iron.


Red Melon Seeds in Oval Box

Almost all of these nutrients will bring about stop the growth of prostate. After several consumption of watermelon plant seeds tea, you will get rid of enlarged prostatic easily


Red Melon Seeds in Round Box

Moreover, red melons seeds are actually one of the better homemade remedies for vertigo and it costs almost nothing at all. Here is the formula:

  • Prepare watermelon seeds, walnuts and two spoons of wheat grain.
  • They should be soaked in normal water for a night.
  • In that case, they should be grinded and mixed together
  • Combine it with a glass of warm milk.

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