Rice Stick Tapioca

Rice Stick Tapioca (hu tieu tieu bot loc)  also needs to be boiled before use, like Rice Stick (Banh Pho Kho) . However, it tastes more chewy than and is not as soft as banh pho.

Hu tieu is served in many delicious dishes in Vietnam, such as with broth and toppings or stir-fried with meat, seafood and vegetables. Hu tieu is more common in the Southern than Northern Vietnam.

Rice Stick Tapioca


  1. Clean with water.
  2. Put into boiling water around 3 to 5 minutes. Clean with water and drain off.
  3. Prepare for dishes:
  • Rice stick with soup: Use with bone soup, shrimp, meat, beansprouts, carrot, vegetables…
  • Fried Rice Stick: Fry it with cooking oil, shrimp, meat, cuttlefish, shallot, bean sprouts…, Ingredients for your best serving.
  • Crisp Rice Stick: Fried at temperature 150-160C until crispy, take out and drain off. Use with cooked shrimp, cuttlefish, meat, shallot, vegetables, beansprouts…

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