FrozenOkra Whole

Frozen Okra Whole are made from 100% fresh Okra (also known as Lady Finger). The fresh Okra are removed stem, washed and frozen, about 10-15cm in length and they are vacuum-packed with a weight of 500g.

frozen okra whole 500g

Okra contains many nutritional ingredients such as vitamin A, C, folic acid, potassium … in addition to the use of green vegetables, it also has many health benefits such as supporting the treatment of diabetes, cancer prevention, joint disease treatment …

Frozen Okra Whole Specifications

  • Weight: 500g
  • Shelf Life: 24 months (under -18oC).
  • Place of Origin: Vietnam
  • Shape: whole (10-15cm)
  • Color: green
  • Taste: normal
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